Feel the spirit. Experience the fun. Join our family.

On Admitted Student Day, you can test out everything Wildcat Life can offer you. Hear about the resources and knowledge you have access to, but more importantly, fully grasp what student life at the UA will bring:

Friends. Fun. Exploration. Knowledge. The best you that you can be.

Because being a student at the University of Arizona is more than just getting an education.

Living the Wildcat Life is waking up to the sun on your face, ready for anything the day brings. It is taking your curiosity to new heights as you explore new aspects of knowledge, but also of yourself. It is reveling in the spirit of the Wildcat Family, whether that means cheering on our teams to victory, or leaning on us for support to get you to graduation with purpose.

We know once you get a taste of UA, you won’t want to leave—because Wildcats are for life.


University of Arizona students have choices. Your schedule on Admitted Student Day is no exception! Choose from a wide range of academic sessions, tours and social experiences — all designed to show you exactly what life as a Wildcat is like.